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St. Mary & St. Verena New Year's Day Community Service

St. Mary and St. Verena church has contributed to the feeding of the homeless through preparing outreach bags filled with basic necessities annually, on New Year's Day. This service began in memory of our beloved Maro Rofail. 

The congregation then delivers approximately 250 of these bags directly to the homeless.

This event will be held on 1/1/23 following the liturgy. 

Please join us in donating items (can be all or part of the 250) and most of all your prayers for the success of this annual event.  Donation process: 1) select the items you would like to donate 2) select the quantity 3) purchase items 4) by December 15th, bring items to Suzie Rofail at church or to Suzie's home (with prior arrangements)

Click here to sign up for items

Please note, if you sign up to donate items on mobile, you’re limited to quantities of 20 but if you sign up using a computer, you can customize quantities. 

If you have any questions, please text:
Brenda 714-944-9452
Suzan 714-222-1386

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